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All it takes is ‘Hello ViKi!’

With a proactive and intuitive technology like ViKi, we have knit together a complete wellness ecosystem for the seniors; providing them with physical, mental and emotional assistance. Independence for seniors, assurance for their families and information for caregivers – and all it takes is two simple words.

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Staying connected. Always.

Anywhere. Any time.

ViKi is with you. 24/7.

Around the clock care.

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The Science of ViKi

Using Artificial Intelligence, Voice, RPA, NLP and IoT, ViKi creates an intelligent holistic support system of caregivers, family and loved ones. With a blend of innovative technologies, ViKi is a proactive and intuitive solution that goes beyond taking orders and provides an intelligent care system with personalized conversations, mentorship and lifestyle services.

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