What is ViKi?

ViKi is a Complete Voice-AI Care Ecosystem for seniors. It leverages 5 most advanced technologies in a simple and easy to use device- Voice, AI, NLP, Robotic Process Automation and IoT for Senior Living Sector and Remote Patient Monitoring. It enhances physical and emotional well-being of seniors by creating a wellness ecosystem.

ViKi provides amazing functions such as Voice-based interaction with the back-end EMR for Care Management, Voice-based dictation for the nurses, Voice-IoT integration with the wearables for remote monitoring and real-time diagnostics, Emergency assistance, Lifestyle and Entertainment profiles, Concierge and Home Automation Services, and many others.

Want to see how it all works?

Watch this quick demo
Emergency Management to call family, doctors or Emergency authorities
24/7 maintenance concierge for Seniors
Personalized entertainment and lifestyle for the seniors
Seniors Community Learning & Engagement
Active care management for seniors
Utilize the existing care network

Value Proposition

Attraction for Seniors

  • Personal Companion
    • Music, News, Messages, Facebook, Games
  • Easy Connectivity
    • Video and Mobile calls Family & Friends
    • Reminders for family events
    • Call or Message Care-partner
  • Stronger Care adherence
    • Strong reminders for adherence to wellness routines;
    • Easy activity and health monitoring

Value for Families

  • Easy touch-base with Seniors through Voice interface
  • Ability to setup reminders of important events
  • Access periodic health vitals of Seniors
  • Alerts and Notifications for abnormal vitals
  • Connect with Caregiver for health updates

Ease for Caregivers

  • Higher revenue per day of Care-partner
    • 25% - 30% time-savings for per visit
    • Easy updates into EMRs from patient visits
  • 10% - 20% reduction in curative care spend
    • Uptake in patient mental and physical health
  • Population Analytics to aid in advancement of wellness research
SaaS-based Turnkey Installation and Support
HIPAA & HITECH compliant
Safe & Encrypted Communication


places where ViKi can create WONDERS!!

Long-Term Care Facilities

Short-Term Care Facilities

Assisted Living Facilities

Adult Day Care Facilities

Home- based Senior Care

Senior care facilities of Large Hospital Chains

Voice Health First Podcast Series

Voice Companion for the Elderly with Dev Singh of Viki Health

By Teri Fisher, MD | August 13th, 2019

In this episode, Teri welcomes Dev Singh, the CEO, and Co-founder of Viki Health.

Dev is a HealthTech entrepreneur from Chicago and the Founder CEO of two successful tech ventures – AiRo Digital Labs and ViKi Health AI. Dev is passionate about leveraging advanced technology to positively impact patient outcome. His most recent venture is ViKi Health AI, is the first-ever revolutionary 24/7-365 Voice-AI companion for seniors, using a combination of voice technology with AI, machine learning, and natural language processing, to bring the best of these technologies to the senior living sector, along with remote patient monitoring.

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