Offering a spectrum of solutions, ViKi comprises multiple technologies into one simple, easy-to-use platform. A platform that approaches healthcare for seniors holistically, understanding and predicting their every need and providing intuitive solutions; making ViKi an integral part of their everyday lives.


ViKi seamlessly integrates with Alexa and creates a complete Voice-AI wellness ecosystem; enabling a hassle-free communication setup. Daily tasks, special reminders, intuitive and interactive conversations are all carried out effortlessly to give seniors access to 24/7 healthcare, entertainment and companionship.

Natural Language Processing

ViKi uses NLP to identify and extract pertinent information from a vast amount of data to provide personalized smart responses and services to seniors. This technology leverages analytical algorithms that reads historical data to provide accurate diagnosis, treatment plans, emergency alerts or even food suggestions.

Robotic Process Automation

With a combination of AI and machine learning capabilities, ViKi translates data from EHR and EMR systems to special instructions for caregivers, reminders for patient medication etc. RPA enables ViKi to be more than just a reporting tool - it equips ViKi to enable an analytic solution that is intelligent and insightful; aiding better healthcare solutions for seniors.

Internet of Things

Smart speaker (Amazon Echo) and wearable (Fitbit API) integration provides better connectivity and convenience for the user. With this technology, ViKi is able to provide complete access to important information like health and lifestyle reports of the patient to all the stakeholders. Concierge services and home automation are also made possible thanks to ViKi’s IoT capabilities.

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