At a time when technology caters to everyone, there is probably one section of the society that goes unnoticed - the silver generation. A generation wary of technology. A generation missing out on various technology benefits. At a time like this, what if we could create a solution exclusive to them? What if we could not only use technology to take care of their health, but also make technology a known friend? Technology that is intuitive and accessible for seniors – designed specifically for them. It’s technology that works for them.

The Team

Dev Singh

Founder & CEO

Nitin Gera


Sayak Das



We are committed to delivering innovative solutions tailored to the needs of the elderly.

The ViKi Story

The founding team of ViKi brings in significant past experience in advanced Health- Tech platforms and solutions. This team is also very passionate about their personal mission to positively improve the life of seniors with the help of emerging tech. This is why ViKi was invented to become the first-ever Voice AI enabled COMPLETE Care-ecosystem for the seniors. ViKi was founded in Dec 2018, and within 6 months it has established itself as a complete wellness and lifestyle partner for the elderly, and has empowered the caregivers to complete notes with voice dictation and enabled families to monitor the health of their loved ones remotely.

The founding team hopes that some day their own elderly parents, just like every other elderly person in the US, will see ViKi as an integral part of their daily lives.

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